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Backyard Products, LLC warrants the following:

  1. 1-year Labor/5-year material warranty
  2. 25-year manufacturer's warranty on 3-tab shingles; Limited Lifetime warranty on dimensional shingles.
  3. 5/50-year Prorated Limited Warranty on LP Smartside Siding and Trim (visit lpcorp.com for full warranty terms).

Backyard Products, LLC will repair, replace or pay for the affected part. In no event shall Backyard Products, LLC pay the
cost of labor or installation or any other costs related thereto. All warranties are from date of purchase. If a cash refund is
paid on an affected part, it will be prorated from the date of purchase.


The warranty is effective only when:

  1. The unit has been erected in accordance with the assembly instructions.
  2. The unit has been properly shingled and painted within 30 days and reasonably and regularly maintained thereafter.
  3. The failure occurs when the unit is owned by the original purchaser.
    Backyard Products, LLC has received the warranty online registration within thirty (30) days of purchase and notification of the failure in writing within the warranty period specified above.
  4. Backyard Products, LLC has had reasonable opportunity during the sixty (60) days following receipt of notification to inspect and verify the failure prior to commencement of any repair work. Labor warranty–installation has been
    performed by Backyard Products, LLC.

Storage Buildings
To validate your warranty, it is necessary to properly maintain your Backyard Products, LLC unit; shingle the roof and paint or solid-colored stain the siding using quality, 100% acrylic latex exterior product with a minimum of two (2) coats within thirty (30) days of assembly; caulk above all doors and all horizontal and vertical trim boards; paint and seal all exposed edges, sides and faces of siding/trim and OSB siding to include all exterior walls and all sides and all edges of doors. Warranty is void if damage caused by failure to properly paint the product or damage caused by not properly venting structure when attempting to insulate or modify structure from its' original intent.

Keep vegetation trimmed away from building and make sure siding panels and trim do not come in contact with masonry or cement. The minimum ground clearance for siding must be one half inch (½ inch) from concrete slab or two and one half inches (2 ½”) from the ground when building is erected or constructed on a treated wood floor kit. Water from sprinklers must be kept off unit. In no event will Backyard Products, LLC be responsible for any indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages nor for failure(s) that are caused by events, acts or omissions beyond our control including, but not limited to, misuse or improper assembly, improper maintenance (which eventually leads to rot or decay) and acts of nature. Backyard Products, LLC will not be held responsible for any labor costs incurred to construct your unit. This warranty gives you certain specific rights that vary from state to state. Warranty does not cover contents of structure.


To make a claim under this warranty, you can call 1-888-827-9056 or make a claim online at help.backyardproducts.com.
Please have ready the information below when you call or include the information in your email:

  1. The model and size of the product.
  2. A list of the part(s) for which the claim is made.
  3. Proof of purchase of the Backyard Products, LLC item, as shown on the original invoice or receipt.
  4. Run code: found on the exterior product label or assembly instructions enclosed in the product package.

All other inquiries can be mailed to:
Backyard Products, LLC
Attn: Customer Service
1000 Ternes
Monroe, MI 48162

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